What Is a Project Manager Already?

How many times have you been handed a job requirement that looked like this? How often have you seen job requirements that left you scratching your head wondering what you should be looking for when hiring a project manager.

A great deal of confusion exists with this position and what is expected of it. And that leads to an overload of the wrong type of applicant. Or worse, to hiring the wrong person for the job PMP certification .

In this article, I’m going to address the question of “What is a project manager?” I’m also going to give you some direction as to how to select the appropriate individual. Or worse, one that sent you off in search of the impossible dream.

In a simplistic answer, a project manager is simply an individual who leads a temporary endeavor or project to completion. Of course, that fails to explain why there is a difficulty in identifying skills. We need to examine the question somewhat closer.

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