The A-Z Of Blogs And Why Famous Online Businesses Are Joining The Blogging Bandwagon

If there were a poll on the biggest developments to hit the internet since the introduction of HTML and search engines… blogs would pretty much top the list. In the next few minutes, we’re going to walk you through the a-z of this technology and explore why many major companies out there are calling blogging a ‘must-have’ tool in order to make money online.

First off, a ‘blog’ (which by the way, is derived from the term ‘weblog’) is basically just a website – but with three important differences:

1. There is a ‘comments’ feature common to most blogs that enables you to engage in ‘conversations’ with your readers by allowing the latter to post their own views or comments on the subject of discussion.

2. It’s super easy to add fresh information . A blog is quite similar to an online journal – all you need to do is log in, type the latest news, publish it and you’re done!

3. You can add a simple feature which automatically notifies other sites that you have made an update to your blog – every time you upload new stuff!

4. Since many blogs now come with the ability to integrate affiliate programs such as Google AdSense, Amazon and ClickBank, you also have the opportunity to monetize your posts and make money writing about your passions and interests.

When Google announced the acquisition of Blogger in early 2003, the search engine giant ensured the future of blogging as a favorite online activity for millions of people around the globe. The number of blogs quickly skyrocketed and it soon became an internet ‘phenomenon.’ So much so that in 2004, Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary decided to name ‘blog’ as their ‘word of the year,’ meaning it was found to be the highest-searched term in their database that year. One of the reasons for this was its popularity amongst people who used it to build an online presence and make money without having to set up a fancy high-end site.

Since then, it has come a long way and continues to grow in leaps and bounds; in fact, the blogging craze shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Just take a peek at the following stats:

* According to Technorati, the leading blog search engine and directory, a brand new weblog is started every second.
* They also state that more than 33,000 posts are made every hour.
* In 2003, they were tracking only 100,000 blogs – by March 2006, that number rose to an impressive 30 million. Talk about a whopping increase!

The simplicity of this technology means that everyone from famous movie stars to corporate execs, and from sports personalities to stay-at-home moms who want to make money online, can now have their very own blog. And many already do. Plus, since blogs offer fresh and unique thoughts and perspectives – a major contrast from the mainstream media – they are now widely accepted by readers as a refreshing source of new and interesting information. Furthermore, the fact they come with user-friendly content management systems is one of the major factors in blogging’s rapid ascent.

So you have a blog and happily post as often as you possibly can. You write about things that are important to you. You share funny stories about your children, spouse, co-workers, neighbors. Maybe you even use your blog as a way to let off some steam. Unhappy with the customer service you’ve received at your local superstore? Write about it. Your boss is a jerk? Write about him (leaving out his or her name of course). Your husband constantly leaves the toilet seat up or hogs the remote? Share all the irritating details on your blog. There are literally millions of blogs out there in cyberspace so why shouldn’t you be joining in on the blogging fun?

There are many reasons why you should consider starting a blog. Many free blog sites exist so there’s no financial commitment to make. Register, choose a theme and begin posting. It’s as easy as that. As mentioned above, blogging is a good way to share your life with others. Families set up blogs where each member has a chance to post updates to let relatives near and far know what’s going on in their lives. Include photos and videos and it’s almost like being there with your loved ones. If you’re looking to change careers or are currently out of work you should consider creating a blog. Include a resume page and links to relevant accomplishments and you can advertise yourself via your blog easily with one click. This is definitely an overlooked free marketing strategy for job seekers.

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