The Ships Of EVE Online

If you have even a passing interest in massive multiplayer online games, one of the ones that you need to become familiar with is EVE Online. EVE Online is a terrific game with excellent gameplay, but one of the most attractive aspects of this game are the EVE Online ships. The EVE Online ships are extremely varied and while there is definitely a scale as to the desirability of any given vessel, their differences and advantages and disadvantages are part of what make this MMOG so very attractive .

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Each of the races of the game EVE Online have their own ships and their own specialties. The only ship that is common to all four playable races are the mining ships, due to their functionality and the ubiquitous need for them. EVEry type of ship will have race specific versions, but the ships are quite varied when it comes form and function.

The player begins with what is called a rookie ship, a beginner ship that is specific to their race. This very basic ship has a gun turret and a mining laser, and although it is about the size of the more advance frigates, it is fairly weak and less customizable than any of the basic frigates that can be purchased.

Frigates are usually considered the next step up, and they far outstrip the basic rookie ships when it comes to function. They are light and fast, but compared to bigger ships, are fairly fragile. There are many different types of frigate, each one specified for different sort of equipment. They are fairly cheap ships and in the right hands and with someone who knows how to use them to drain power from larger ships, can be quite dangerous.

Destroyers are meant specifically for anti-frigate warfare and as such are equipped with a large number of slots for weapons. The effectiveness number of slots is reduced due to the fact that the guns that can fit into them are often too light to take on larger ships, making destroyers significantly less effective when it comes to cruisers and battleships.

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