Workplace Style Guide for Women

Many people mistakenly believe that business casual for women is exactly the same as business casual for men. They might have the same logo or color pattern, but they are not the same. Read on to find out more about the differences between the two clothing styles, so you’ll be able to make the correct business decisions with your wardrobe. Business casual for women does not necessarily require a suit or jacket. In fact, you will probably only need a few items of business clothing to dress down for a lunch date or gathering with the girls vay cong so mua thu.

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Don’t Wear: Skinny or Flat Jeans The key to business casual for women is to avoid wearing flat or skinny jeans, unless you absolutely have to and only in the case of an emergency. In general, business casual for women usually includes a skirt or pant-suit, a button-down blazer, a basic blazer or jacket and a suitable flip or flat shoe. For the ladies that don’t like to wear their shirts tucked in, it’s OK – just avoid wearing dress shoes with a skirt and you’re fine. Just because your shoes aren’t dressy, doesn’t mean you can’t still look professional.

Do wear: Trousers, skirts and pants If you are going to work in a business casual outfit, you’ll also want to put together some business casual attire in other areas of the wardrobe. If you are going to a wedding, you might consider matching a pair of trousers with a white blouse and tie, or a skirt and jacket with a checkered shirt. For work, go with fitted or non-fitted pants and jackets. Don’t mix business casual clothes with other types of formal wear. Also, be sure not to match too much, especially when it comes to patterns, colors and lengths. It will look too busy and give you a lot to carry home.

Wear: Skirts of lighter colors such as gray, beige, brown or white, dark jeans with ironed out backs, white or black leather boots, capris pants (if you have them) with cropped leggings or gottsman flats, and a simple blouse in a color that matches your shoes. Shoes can vary, but try to find something that is the same as your dress color (for example, if you’re wearing a gray skirt, try a gray or brown pair of dress shoes). Also, make sure your shoes are comfortable and appropriate. You don’t want to end up in a dentist office with blisters, do you?

Wear: Jeans or skirts got a good fit and made from a comfortable material. You don’t want anything too form fitting as it may be uncomfortable to work in. One of the best things about business casual attire is the versatility it allows you. It can be worn to a daytime office job, a late night office job, and even a daytime social event like a dinner party. Women’s business casual outfits usually include: tank tops with plunging necklines, short skirts, halter neck tops, and even dresses with empire waistlines.

Don’t: Wear something too trendy for a business casual outfit. Try and go with what you feel comfortable in. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a top or bottom because you don’t want to look funny. You want to dress in a way that is not too flashy, yet not too casual either so that you can move around well in any situation. The key to finding a great combination of trend and comfort is to choose a good top, but invest in some nice jeans, and you’re all set for any occasion!

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