Best Buy Free Phone Fridays in October 2010 – What Smart Phones Will Be Free?

Best Buy is working very hard to promote is mobile unit and they are putting on a promotion in the month of October titled “Best Buy Free Phone Friday.” Each and every Friday Best Buy will offer a free smart phone with a two year activation from one of the main mobile providers of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless or T-Mobile. The smart phone that will be available for free will be determined by Best Buy and the particular provider.

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This is a great promotion for those looking to save money yet still wanting a smart phone Mi 11X. As the Internet revolution continues to move forward it is the case that all Americans want to have the Internet in the palm of their hand. The new Apple iOS, the Google Android Operating System and the Blackberry 6 Operating System allow users the opportunity to not only surf the web in the palm of their hand but they can play and use fun and exciting apps as well. This trend is likely to get more and more popular as we move forwards towards Christmas 2010.

It is very important to remember that these free phones are only available to those who are willing to sign a two year contract. If you do not feel comfortable signing a two year contract then it will be the case that you cannot take advantage of this money saving offer. Before making any final decisions when it comes to purchasing a smart phone it is always very smart to make 100% certain that you will be happy with the service. There are some service providers that do not have great coverage in different parts of the country and you will want to make certain that you do no choose a provider that has very little or no coverage close to where you live.

Taking the time and effort to do extra effort could prove to be greatly beneficial when it comes to picking out the best smart phone for your particular situation. Even though there are free phones on Friday it may be worth it to fork over the extra money to make certain that you get the phone you want with the provider that you want. By asking around to some people in your social network you will probably find out quickly which cell phone service providers will work best in your specific area. If you are a traveler make certain that the provider has coverage in all major cities.

Taking advantage of Best Buy Free Phone Friday [] could help to save quite a bit of money in October 2010. Before making any Christmas gift purchases it might be smart to see if a Free Best Buy smart phone [] is an option for your specific situation.

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